BIOOtwin® L

for the control of Lobesia botrana (Vine moth)


Active substance

(E, Z) -7,9-Dodecadienyl acetate: 792 g / kg (380 mg of active substance per dispenser)

Harvest time

not required


pack of 100 dispensers

Shelf life

in the original packaging and at temperatures between 4-5 ° C the product can be kept for 3 years


Environmental hazard, Irritant

BIOOtwin L is a controlled release diffuser containing the synthetic pheromone chemically similar to the natural one of Lobesia botrana produced from biodegradable polymers of natural origin.
Biopolymers, which are degradable and compostable in accordance with the European sector standards (EN 13432), represent an important technical innovation in terms of eco-compatibility of sexual confusion and are Biogard’s response to the growing desire to reduce the use of traditional (plastic) polymers . The product consists of two parallel tubes of polymeric material both filled with the specific pheromone, welded at the ends and open in the center to allow application on the plant. The particular, technologically advanced double tube design allows for an optimal release of pheromone and a simpler and faster application (about 1 hour per hectare / person). Hang the diffusers on the woody parts of the plant avoiding direct exposure to the sun. Do not force the opening excessively to avoid breaking the diffuser. The biodegradability of the polymers, together with the complete exhaustion of the pheromone in the spring following that of application, does not require their removal at the end of the season. A single application of BIOOtwin L guarantees coverage of all the moth’s flight activity. BIOOtwin L must be applied BEFORE the start of the wintering generation flight.
The application of sexual confusion is not to be considered an alternative to phytoiatric defense but instead complementary, depending on the conditions of the area of application.