Isonet® T

for the control of Tuta absoluta (tomato moth)


Active substance

(E,Z,Z) – 3,8,11-tetradecatrien-1-yl acetate (E,Z) – 3,8 -tetradecadien-1-yl acetate 60 mg/dispenser (minimum)

Harvest time

not required


pack of 100 dispensers, box of 10,000 dispensers

Shelf life

in the refrigerator (5 ° C) for 2 years in the original packaging


Environmental hazard, Irritant

Isonet® T is a reservoir pheromone dispenser consisting of two parallel brown-red polymer tubes, one of which is filled with the Tuta absoluta natural pheromone blend [(E,Z,Z) 3,8,11-tetradecatrien-1-yl acetate and (E,Z,)-3,8-tetradecadien- 1-yl acetate], while the other one contains an aluminum wire and enables the positioning of the dispenser in the greenhouse. In greenhouses treated with Isonet® T, the air is saturated with pheromone. This condition is achieved by applying a defined number of dispensers that continuously release the active ingredient. This release is based on physical-chemical principles and is related to the intrinsic dispenser polymer characteristics, the micro-capillary wall thicknesses, the mean daily temperature and the air movements inside the greenhouse.
The Isonet® T dispenser has been especially developed and designed in order to allow for a long-lasting release of T. absoluta pheromone also under varying temperature and wind speed conditions.