for the control of Cydia pomonella (Carpocapsa)


Active substance

(E, E) -8.10-Dodecadien-1-ol 209 g / kg, solvent (2-propanol) and propellant


MISTER C: single unit, box of 12 units. MISTER PRO (pre-programmed automatic emitter) single unit, box of 12


Flammable, Irritant

Harvest time

not required

Shelf life

in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and flames

MISTER C is an aluminum aerosol can containing the synthetic pheromone chemically similar to the natural one of Cydia pomonella (Codling Moth) without greenhouse gases. MISTER C is combined with a special pre-programmed automatic timed emitter, MISTER PRO, activated directly upon insertion of the aluminum aerosol. The liquid formulation contained in the aerosol, once it comes out of the nozzle, is nebulized in micro-drops thanks to the strong expansion of the propellant. These create the pheromone cloud which is the basis of the mating disruption mechanism. The meeting and mating between individuals will consequently be inhibited and / or delayed. A single application of MISTER C guarantees seasonal coverage of the Codling moth’s flight activity.

MISTER C must be installed BEFORE starting the catch of the wintering generation, placing the product in the upper part of the plant, up to half a meter above the canopy, using the accessories on request (hook and / or plastic ties). Thanks to the microswitches inside the device, the application can be anticipated up to 6 weeks before the scheduled start of the insect flight, delaying its ignition. The application of mating disruption is not to be considered an alternative to phytoiatric defense but, instead, complementary, depending on the conditions of the area of ​​application. In fact, random mating can occur within orchards with strong historical infestations of Carpocapsa, not mediated by the pheromonic attraction of females towards males. Additionally, fertilized females from nearby orchards or other sources of infestation can cause unexpected damage.