Organo-mineral fertilizer NK 6-17


Total nitrogen (N) ............... 6%
Organic (N) ........................ 6%
Potassium oxide (K2O)
soluble in water .................. 17%
Carbon (C) organic origin ..... 25%

What is PROKTON®

PROKTON® is a water-soluble fertilizer high in potassium (obtained from potassium sulfate crystals), containing also free amino acids and an extract of sea weed (Ascophyllum nodosum), rich in microelements, carbohydrates and natural plant hormones.

Rate of application:
Foliar application: 200 - 300 g/hl
Via drip irrigation: 4 - 8 kg/ha


How does PROKTON® work

PROKTON-enAmino acids are well-known valuable tools to accelerate the translocation of an element through the membrane.
By combining potassium with amino acids as in PROKTON®, its absorption and translocation through both leaves and roots is improved.
Potassium plays a key role in the transport of nutrients (mainly sugar), and thus in improving crop quality.
It furthermore strengthens the plants by activating key enzymes for the synthesis of proteins, and by regulating stomatal movements and photosynthesis.
Exogenous foliar applications of amino acids help the plants to save energy for the synthesis and translocation of amino acids, especially under adverse environmental conditions or during specific phenological stages (flowering, fruit set, fruit ripening, etc.).

The use of PROKTON® is particularly indicated:

• to overcome environmental stress (cold, heat, salinity, drought, transplanting, flowering, ripening)
• on crops producing edible fruits (strawberry,melon, peach, apple, pear, table and vine grapes) to increase 
   the sugar content
• to improve fruit quality in terms of colour, ripeness, and preservability PROKTON® is obtained from a 
   mixture of organic matter in compliance with EC Reg No 834/2007 for Organic Agriculture.

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