BF 400®

Liquid organic fertilizer

BF 400

Total nitrogen (N) ....... 5%
Organic (N) ................ 5%soluble (Amino acids and peptides)
Organic carbon (C) ...... 15%

What is BF 400®
BF 400® is based on plant extracts containing the growth factors necessary for plant development, combined with peptides.
In fruit production, BF 400® can improve fruit size, increase specific fruit weight, enhance resistance to environmental stress factors, pests and diseases, and contribute to increase preservability and organoleptic proterties of fruit.
BF 400® can be applied on fruit, ornamental and vegetable crops in both greenhouses and the open field.


How does BF 400® work

BF 400® is readily absorbed through the leaf surface, and translocated inside the cells, where it expresses its specific activity by enhancing regular cell growth, development and multiplication.
BF 400® is therefore an ideal tool for vegetable and fruit growers who want to achieve a regular and uniform growth of their crop.

How to apply BF 400®

Apply BF 400® at a rate of 1 kg / ha per application in enough water to ensure thorough wetting of the plants. Avoid run-off. A water-soluble foliar fertilizer (e.g. Nutri leaf) may be added to the spray solution in order to provide adequate nutritional support to the crop.

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