Natural Plant Growth Promoter



PHYTAGRO Plus is a foliar fertiliser based on a mixture of micro-nutrients (Fe and Mn) specifically formulated with selected plant extracts in order to stimulate crop physiology. It is particularly formulated for foliar applications.

Applications of PHYTAGRO Plus can be done using any conventional spray equipment, ensuring uniform vegetation coverage.

PHYTAGRO Plus should be used as part of a standard fertilization program, taking advantage of the support of foliar feeding applications, in order to improve physiological processes in plants.

Warning: use only with water at pH 6-7; if water pH is higher, it is recommended to adjust it to the mentioned values. The product can be used in tank-mix with most fertilizers and pesticides, but it is always advisable to  conduct  tank-mix compatibility tests  on a small number of plants before treating large areas.


Citrus:1000 g/ha after fruit set, 2-3 treatments.

Kiwi:1000 g/ha at pre-flowering stage and after fruit set, 2-3 treatments at 14-day intervals.

Stone fruits (peach, nectarine, cherry, apricot): 1000 g/ha
from fruit set on, 2-3 treatments every 14-21 days to promote fruit development.

Strawberry: 750-1000 g/ha
10-14 days after transplanting/onset of vegetative growth, and 2-3 times from flowering to fruit development.

Nuts: 750-1000 g/ha: after fruit set, 2-3 treatments at 7-10-day intervals.

Pome fruit (apple and pear): 1000 g/ha
from fruit set, 2-3 treatments every 14-21 days to promote fruit size.

Olive: 1000 g/ha
1-2 weeks before flowering and after fruit set.

Wine grapes: 750-1000 g/ha from inflorescence clearly visible to promote rachis elongation.

Table grapes: 1000 g/ha
2-3 treatments starting from inflorescence clearly visible to promote rachis elongation, and at beginning of flowering to reduce millerandage; from fruit set on, 2-3 treatments every 14-21 days to increase berry size.

Leaf vegetables (IV range, ready-to-eat fresh-cut and baby-leaf vegetables): 500-750 g/ha
at first true leaf unfolded and after each harvest.

Bulb vegetables: 500-750 g/ha
at the beginning of leaf development and during development of harvestable vegetative plant parts (bulbs).

500 -750 g/ha
during vegetative growth of aerial plant parts and at end of harvesting period.

Basil, sage and other aromatic herbs:
500 g/ha at the beginning of leaf development.

Carrots and other root vegetables (radish, beets, etc.): 500-750 g/ha
at first true leaves unfolded.

Artichoke: 750-1000 g/ha
after elimination of root-suckers. 14 days after formation of buds, then every 2-4 weeks to promote plant growth.

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and other brassicas: 500-750 g/ha
2 weeks after transplanting; repeat 2-3 weeks later depending on length of crop cycle.

Cucurbits (melon, watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin and courgettes): 750-1000 g/ha after transplanting, after fruit set and during fruit development every 7-10 days.

Beans: 500-1000 g/ha at first flower buds visible and after fruit set.

Eggplant, bell/sweet pepper and fresh-market tomato: 750 g/ha
10-14 days after transplanting; 1000 g/haafter fruit set of each fruit cluster.

Potato: 750-1000 g/ha:
starting from tuber formation and after 10 days.

Processing tomato: 750-1000 g/ha:
after fruit set of each fruit cluster.

Spinach, lettuce, endive, radicchio, rocket salad and other leafy vegetables: 500-1000 g/ha:at 4th-6th of true leaf unfolded. 

Fennel, celery and rooted celery: 500-750 g/ha
at beginning of leaf development; repeat after 14 days.


Flower crops (chrysanthemum, carnation, gerbera etc.): 100-150 g/hl
2-3 weeks after transplanting; repeat after 2 weeks.
Potted plants: 100-150 g/hl
2 weeks after transplanting and repeat every 2-3 weeks.



• Promotes and improves plant growth.
• Synchronizes flowering.
• Stimulates fruit development, which results in uniform size of fruits.
• Improves plant development under stress conditions.
• Suitable for organic agriculture.

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