Bionisecticide based on Beauveria bassiana
(Strain ATCC 74040)


NATURALIS® is a bioinsecticide based on living spores of a naturally occurring proprietary strain (ATCC 74040) of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana.
The formulated product NATURALIS® is a concentrated suspension of at least 2.3 x 107 spores/ml of B. bassiana strain ATCC 74040. It is a suspension of conidiospores in vegetal oil, which improves spore germination and UV protection, enhancing the efficacy of the antagonist in the field.




Mode of action

B. bassiana acts primarily by contact. Once attached to the insect's cuticle, itsconidia germinate producing hyphae,which penetrate the cuticle and proliferate inside the insect's body.
High ambient humidity (> 50%) and free water favour conidial germination, however B. bassiana conidia are invasive and infective at all ambient humidity levels.
Infection can take between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the temperature (range: 10°C - 37°C; optimum: 20°C - 27°C).
If the insect moults at this stage, the infection process is stopped. Otherwise the mycelium continues multiplying by feeding on the host and consuming its nutrients. The proliferation of the fungus inside the insect leads to its death within 3-5 days.
After the host's death, new conidia may be produced and released on the outside of the insect cadaver.
However, temperature and humidity affect the sporulation of B. bassiana, and thus the transmission of the fungus to other insects. B. bassiana strain ATCC 74040 does not produce any toxins: the infected host dies due to dehydration and/or depletion of nutrients.


Beauveria bassiana (Deuteromycetes, Moniliales) was recognized in 1835 by Agostino Bassi as the causal agent of the white muscardine disease of the silk worm. The strain ATCC 74040 has been isolated from Anthonomus grandis, the cotton boll weevil, in the Lower Rio Grande valley, Texas, USA. Several years of experimental applications of this strain showed that many insect pests are susceptible to infection. In 2005 Intrachem Bio International S.A. (Geneva, Switzerland) acquired production and marketing rights for NATURALIS® from Troy iosciences Inc. Manufacturing takes now place under the control of Intrachem Production.

 Major targets

B. bassiana can affect a wide range of arthropod pests, such as white flies, thrips, mites, aphids, tingids and all their developmental stages (eggs, immature stages, and adults) infesting numerous crops (vegetables, cucurbits, solanaceous fruits, strawberry, flowers and ornamentals, grapevine, citrus, pome, stone fruits, etc.).
Recent studies have shown that the antagonistic fungus can effectively control also nut-weevils, wireworms (Agriotes spp.), and Tephritid flies, such as the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata, the cherry fruit fly, Rhagoletis cerasi, and the olive fly, Bactrocera oleae.
Application rates range between 1 and 3 l/ha according to the crop.



• In order to ensure maximum spore germination, best time for application is when relative humidity is high.
• NATURALIS® can be applied with any conventional spray equipment.


• Highly effective against a wide range of pests (white flies, spidermites, fruit flies,wireworms etc.).
• Unique mode of action, no phytotoxic effects.
• Can be used in Organic Farming and fits perfectly into any IPM program.
• Helps to reduce the risk of the development of strains resistant to conventional insecticides and of
   undesirable residues on foodstuffs.
• Can be applied in tank mixture with most copper and sulphur based fungicides and most commonly used
• No pre-harvest interval and re-entry time.
• Safe to humans and to the environment.

Registered in:

Spain64 Greece64 Cyprus64 Turkey64 Slovenia64 Serbia64 Hungary64 Denmark64 Netherlands64
UK64 Ireland64 Morocco64 Switzerland64 Italy64        

In registration in: Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal




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