Insecticides based on Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki
(Strain EG 2348; a.i. conc 15%) - Wettable powder.



BIOGARD recently developed this improved formulation of the Bt strain EG2348, which shows higher efficacy than other currently commercially available Bt products against the most harmful Lepidopteran pests.
Its active ingredient concentration amounts to 15 % and its innovative inert ingredients positively affect the application of the product in the field.
LEPINOX® PLUS is an important and highly effective tool for growers to control the most noxious carpophagous Lepidoptera, such as Oriental Fruit Moth (Cydia molesta), Peach Twig Borer (Anarsia lineatella), Plum Fruit Moth (Cydia funebrana).

Recommended application rate: see label

Bt products

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a naturally occurring, soil-dwelling, Gram-positive bacterium. During sporulation it produces a translucent crystal protein, the active ingredient of the formulated products.The crystal protein is a protoxin with insecticidal activity, which is activated in the alkaline midgut of certain insects.
Bt thus acts as a gut poison. Once the target pest has ingested the crystal protein, it stops feeding immediately, and dies within two days.


The ability of Bt to control pest insect larvae was discovered more than 90 years ago. However, it was first commercially used only in the 1940's. Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki (HD-1) was discovered in the late 1960's. This serovar is considerably more effective against caterpillars and easier to produce than the early Bts, and therefore most marketed Bt-products contain HD-1.

The novel Bt strain EG 2348, the active ingredient of Intrachem's Bt formulations, was created using advanced techniques of molecular biology through a process called transconjugation.

These Bt strain produces different Cry toxins (Cry 1Aa, 1Ac, and 2A toxin), which are responsible of the insecticidal activity and the enhanced efficacy against specific target insects of the Bt strain.

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In registration in: France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Serbia

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